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2021 Car Buying Resolutions: Set the Right Goals for the New Year

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The end of 2020 was one of the most awaited and anticipated part of the year. Now that we can finally bid goodbye to 2020, we welcome 2021 with new hopes and in regards that it will be a better year. With the onset of a new year, we will all set our resolutions. New Year resolutions can vary from joining a gym, spending more time with loved ones, or travel more often. However, if you want to buy a new car, setting new year resolutions related to your goal will help you in making the right choice.

Car Buying in 2021: New Year Resolutions to get the Right Deal

The following resolutions will help you pick the right car deal in no time.

1. Pick Cars over Mass Transit Options

A self-owned car has proved to be much more convenient and safer in the past year. Many regular commuters have discarded the option of riding on a subway or a train. A car is a safe mode to commute to work, school, or run errands daily. Additionally, cab-hailing services such as Uber are also not a preferred option during the pandemic. Moreover, you should road-trip in your car with loved ones instead of flying for the trip because it is the safer option. In conclusion, your resolution for 2021 should include a self-owned car for safe travels.

2. Reliable and Feature-Rich Car for Young Ones

Many countries all over the world are preparing to launch a vaccine in the year 2021. Post the release of a vaccine and the reopening of colleges and schools, look into purchasing a car for your younger one. Focus on finding a vehicle that is reliable, safe, and beginner-friendly. The Honda CR-V 2021 has gained applause for being a spacious, compact SUV with safety features such as road departure warning, collision mitigation brake system, and traffic sign recognition. You can even check other options before you make the purchase.

3. Maintain your Car & Credit Score

Just as changing the oil of your car is a necessity, so is maintaining your credit score. Regularly look at your credit reports and correct any fallacies that may have gone unnoticed in the past year.

Additionally, pay off your previous debts before you apply for an auto loan. Be consistent with your payments. Work on improving your debt-to-income ratio before you set out to purchase your next car. In the end, make it a resolution to maintain your car and credit score for a robust financial future.

Resolutions for Better Car Deals and Improved Driving Skills

Just thinking of buying a new car will not help you to achieve your goal. Research for the kind of car you want to buy; and focus on improving your credit score to enjoy a better deal.

Additionally, get working on your resolutions to improve your driving habits. Resolve to become a courteous driver and ditch road rage. Make distracted driving and using phones while driving a thing of the past. Let us enter 2021 with an evolved sense of driving!

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Places to Get Moving Boxes

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Places to Find Boxes For Moving

Are you looking to locate boxes for moving? There are all types of expenses associated with moving from one home to another, but one of the ones you can definitely save some money on (for more important things) has to be the moving boxes you use to put all your belongings in.

There are plenty of places you can get boxes for moving for completely FREE, and we want to go over some of those locations so you can get your hands on them, so you’re prepared for the big move!

Maximum Real Estate Exposure has a comprehensive list of both free and paid moving box resources but let’s take a look at some of them here.


Craigslist is one of the best places to get yourself some free stuff, beyond just getting boxes for your move.

We have found that the best way to get moving boxes, though, is at the start of a new week, as there will be plenty of people looking to get rid of the boxes they just used for their own move the week before.

Some of the other places on this list will need you to ask in-person to see if they have any boxes for moving, but with Craiglist, you can just keep checking up on your phone now and again.

This will allow you to go round town asking for boxes while checking on the craigslist site in between!

Liquor Stores

Stores, especially liquor stores, have an endless supply of boxes that are only ever going to get thrown into the recycling bins, thanks to the large number of shipments they receive daily.

This is a great opportunity for you to swoop in and grab some free boxes, giving them a new lease of life!

We’re not advising you to go round the back of the store and go through their bins, though.

Just ask at the front desk, and we’re sure that management will be more than happy to give you free moving boxes to help with your upcoming move.

Other Local Businesses

Stores in your are area are some of the best places to find boxes for moving. Quite often you can find them for free.

Below are some of the best choices in your hunt for moving boxes.

These companies get regular deliveries to restock their shelves and often have more boxes than they know what to do with. Inquire with the manager, to see if they will let you take some boxes.

Here are some of the more popular places where you might find moving boxes.

Best Buy
Dollar Store
Sam’s Club
Office Depot

Just like the liquor stores in your area, your local Walmart is the holy grail of finding boxes as they take in many, many shipments per day.

They’re going to be left with heaps of boxes that they just have no use for.

Walmart will throw them away anyway, so you might as well get your hands on them if you can.


So don’t be afraid of looking heap’ when asking someone who works there if they’ve got any boxes you can take away for your home move. Another thing to keep in mind is that Walmart also sells boxes that are specifically for moving.

So if you strike out talking to a manager about taking away some of their shipping boxes, you can just head down to the moving box isle and pluck some there.

Dollar stores

With constant shipments of cheap and inexpensive goods coming through their doors every day, there are plenty of boxes just sat around in the back rooms of dollar stores that are ready for the taking.

Just turn up and ask someone if they’ve got any free, and we’re sure they’ll be more than happy to give you free moving boxes.

You probably won’t even be able to carry them all yourself, so bring a friend too!

Facebook Community groups

There are plenty of great community groups on Facebook, where a bunch of people from your area will have gotten together for one reason or another.

Whether that’s from a mutual interest in a particular topic or because they want to swap and sell their unwanted goods to each other.

These groups are also a great opportunity for anyone looking for help too.

So why not check out some of the local groups near you and ask if anyone has any spare boxes for moving that they currently have no use for. Facebook is good for many things, and you can add them to your list when trying to find your moving boxes.

Your friends

One of the many places people forget when they’re thinking about where to get moving boxes from definitely has to be their friends.

We are quick to think about our local stores’ possibilities of having free boxes for us to take, but we always forget that our friends might have some too.

And they’re going to be more than willing to part ways with them since they are your friends after all.

So, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give your favorite person a call to see if they’ve got any moving boxes for you to take. Who knows, maybe they’ll even offer to help you move home too!

Final Thoughts on Where to Find Moving Boxes

Other than changing your mailing address there aren’t many more tasks more critical than finding boxes to execute your move. After all, it is hard to get your move underway without having found your moving boxes. This should be a task that is put right at the top of your moving to-do list. Hopefully, you can use some of these ideas and find the boxes you need!

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An Introduction to the SMSF Loan Scheme

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What is a SMSF home loan?
The SMSF is an abbreviation of ‘Self-managed Super Funds’. SMSF home loan is a type of loan that is used to buy investment property. The returns on investment- whether that’s rental income or capital gains, are funneled back into the super fund which in turn, increases the retirement savings of the borrower.

Who can borrow the SMSF loan?
The SMSF loans are used to buy both residential or commercial property. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) controls this type of loan and allows membership of up to four people where all members should be trustees. The SMSF member and trustees borrow this loan with an intent of making an investment that can help grow the members’ retirement savings.

What are the advantages of investing in SMSF loan?
The SMSF Home loans are considered a good home loan option as well as the best powerful way of saving for retirement. This is because it provides the borrowers with several useful advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below:

Increased flexibility among the members to acquire and sell properties.
Access to a variety of investment options
Helps in increasing savings and reducing tax payments
Drawbacks of SMSF Loans
While there are some important benefits of SMSF commercial property loan, there are also a few drawbacks of this loan, about which every member of the SMSF should be aware of. These drawbacks include:

No tax loss offsets: Under the SMSF loan scheme, any tax losses from the member’s commercial property can’t be offset against their personal income tax. The member must rent his/her property at the market rate. Simply put, this means that if the member owns the property and lease it to his own business, then he can’t apply any discounts to the rental price.

Strict rental conditions: It is mandatory to pay all rental fees on time, and in full.
Regular valuations: It is important for the borrowers to get their property independently valued on a regular basis.
Showing intent: When a member purchases a commercial property within his SMSF, he must be able to prove it’s solely for the purpose of providing him with a retirement benefit.
Renovations and repair funding: With SMSF, any significant changes which are required to be made into the member’s property, such as repairs or renovations, must be funded by cash directly available in the member’s SMSF. He/she can’t borrow money or take out a loan.
What are the terms and conditions related to SMSF Loans?
There are certain essential rules which the borrowers must follow while applying to SMSF home loans in Australia. These rules state that the property for which the loan is taken must:

meet the ‘sole purpose test’ of solely providing retirement benefits to fund members
not be acquired from any related party of a member
not be lived in by a fund member or any fund members’ related parties
not be rented by a fund member or any fund members’ related parties
What are the requirements of applying to SMSF loan?
Lenders and all other types of financial institutions offering SMSF home loans in Australia look for the following requirements in their borrowers while lending the loan:

Deposit: A deposit of at least 30% of the property value is expected to be made by the borrower
Rental income: The income expected from the property is factored into the borrower’s ability to make future repayments of the loan
Patterns of contribution: Lenders also analyze the pattern which shows how frequently and consistently the loan members make contributions to the fund, as these will also be relied on to meet repayment obligations.
Structure of the SMSF: The structure of borrower’s self-managed super fund must be compliant with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) rules.
Speak with a home loan broker
Applying to a SMSF home loan can be quite a tricky and lengthy process. That is why, it is best to take help from a home loan broker while applying to the SMSF loan.

Your Finance Adviser is a leading group of best home loan brokers in Australia. We are a finance advising company that works with a team of home loan experts including first time buyer mortgage brokers who specialize in providing a variety of home loan advice to a variety of customers located across all types of industries in Australia.

Shailendra Wadhwa, our passionate and committed home loan broker of the Kellyville Ridge , is ready to assist the customers in making the right financial decisions while applying to a home loan in Australia.

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