Business Consultants That Try to Be Everything to Every Company Miss the Mark

There is a huge tendency for business consultants, branding experts, marketing gurus, and Six Sigma management folks to over embellish their abilities almost to the point of listing every possible task in a business, and claiming they are one with that expert status. This is a mistake, not only because it’s most likely untrue, but because entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large corporations do not need all those things. Rather they start searching for consultants on specific items they need assistance with.

Consulting companies need to realize that most companies wish to buy such service al la carte, not in a huge package. This is not to say that a consulting firm may not eventually get all the business for other needs within the company over time, they may, but really a comprehensive consulting package is most likely 95% of the time what they are looking for. Indeed, advertising such on a consultant’s website, may actually backfire on them. Let me explain.

You see, companies probably already have someone in-charge of marketing, operations, PR, advertising, branding, processes, management, communication, etc., and they are contacting the consulting firm for a niche need of theirs, not the whole thing. If they needed all those services, and were falling down on all those things, they’d probably already be out of business in this recession.

Additionally, those who work in the company will sabotage the hiring of the consultants if they think it might cost them their jobs. If they are the ones participating in the hiring of the firm, they will want to choose a different company if they read on the website that the consulting company is going to come in to do everything. Please think on this.