Chiropractic Marketing Consultant Red Flags

In the fast expanding world of chiropractic marketing and consulting, chiropractors looking for a results-driven coach should definitely do their due diligence before jumping the gun. It’s unfortunate, but many get locked into long-term commitments that only benefit the chiropractic marketing consultant. This, in my opinion has to stop! Here are some important things to look for when selecting a practice management coach online or offline in 2009.

First, find a chiropractic marketing consultant whose ego doesn’t need to be stroked constantly. This can be easier said than done, trust me. However, if you look deep enough, you’ll be able to filter through the BS down to who’s the real deal and who’s just inflating social proof. When I was on my quest originally, I found many “gurus” talked a big game, were super pretentious, and consistently released marketing material that only spoke about how great they were. This, in turn, translated into a lack of transparency and more hype for the average chiropractor searching for a legit company.

Next, find a chiropractic marketing consultant that has a track record of working together with other leaders in the profession. Typically, the consultants with the largest egos are usually the most competitive and operate from a scarcity mentality, meaning these guys think they’re too great to collaborate with other marketing groups. This mindset appears to be prevalent in the chiropractic profession unlike many other industries.

For example, if you study internet marketing, you’ll notice that the guys with the big lists at the top of the food chain are always helping each other with joint ventures. This is true even though they have similar products and by many standards are “competing” for the same pool of customers.

Third, go with a chiropractic consulting group that’s looking out for YOUR best interest. Don’t rush into any decision and don’t feel like you have to choose today. It’s OK to take a few days to weeks to do your homework before investing several hundred to several thousand dollars per month. Talk to friends, as word travels fast if a doctor is making killer returns from the guidance of a coaching group.

Ask yourself, “Is the management firm you’re considering pressuring you for a payment or are they legitimately concerned about taking your chiropractic practice to the next level?” A word of advice…. The minute you sense that your best interest is not at the forefront of their game-plan, run!

Last, make sure to go with a chiropractic marketing consultant or group that is technically savvy and that stays abreast of new trends in the world today. Communication is changing rapidly and many are finding their models of doing business and marketing are outdated. It’s funny, I will do specific internet searches and heavy online analytics for some practice management groups and their web presence is usually poor with little branding even being done online. I spoke to a consultant one time that said he could barely turn on a computer and sounded proud of this for some odd reason.

Contrary to what some believe, the internet is not a fad. It’s the most spectacular medium in world to gather information and marketing your chiropractic office. We live in an information and technological based world and those that resist updating will not be around in a few years for sure.

As touched on before, get involved with a group that let their results do the talking more-so than their mouth. Speak with satisfied and unsatisfied clients. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, you will always have unsatisfied clients so it’s important to get their points of view, too.

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