High Priced Consulting – Easy Selling Process

How to sell your high priced consulting to your list the easy way? What if you discovered how to boost the selling of your high-end consultation starting today? Here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Get started building a list of very targeted prospects.
Step 2 – Start building a strong relationship with them by helping them.
Step 3 – Boost your trust and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.
Step 4 – 2 tools that you can use to speak with your list and convince with them that you have the best content.
Step 5 – Now promote your high priced consultation offer to provide specific solution to their needs.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Get started building a list of very targeted prospects.

The very first step that you need to take to get started selling high-ticket consulting is to start building your targeted list. The reason that you have to build list is that you will have a targeted group of people to whom you can promote your offer to purchase your consulting in future. Also you can build strong relationship with this group of people and promote your future products with them. Here’s how to make strong relationship with your list.

Step 2 – Start building a strong relationship with them by helping them.

It is extremely important that you build a strong long lasting relationship with your subscribers on regular basis. To build a strong relationship with your list it is extremely important that you build quality content on regular basis to give your subscribers and this will get them to trust you as an expert in your niche. Here is a simple tip that you can use to establish your expert status.

Step 3 – Boost your trust and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

Another simple reason that you can boost your expert status online is by speaking with your subscribers personally one-on-one and providing quality information and helping them to solve their problems. All you have to do is set up a free teleseminar call on a regular basis and provide quality content to your subscribers and this will boost your expert status in your niche. At the end of the call you can easily promote your consulting service and this will boost sales.

Step 4 – 2 tools that you can use to speak with your list and convince with them that you have the best content.

Teleseminars and webinars are two most powerful tools that you can use to boost your trust and relationship with your list. They will help you to provide audiovisual presentation to your subscribers and provide them quality content to promote your high-end consulting program. Once you have built your credibility with your subscribers it is the right time to promote your high-ticket consultation.

Step 5 – Now promote your high priced consultation offer to provide specific solution to their needs.

At the end of your presentation you can easily divert your attendees to promote your consultation program. You can give them a time-limited offer and this will boost sales almost instantly.

Business Consultants That Try to Be Everything to Every Company Miss the Mark

There is a huge tendency for business consultants, branding experts, marketing gurus, and Six Sigma management folks to over embellish their abilities almost to the point of listing every possible task in a business, and claiming they are one with that expert status. This is a mistake, not only because it’s most likely untrue, but because entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large corporations do not need all those things. Rather they start searching for consultants on specific items they need assistance with.

Consulting companies need to realize that most companies wish to buy such service al la carte, not in a huge package. This is not to say that a consulting firm may not eventually get all the business for other needs within the company over time, they may, but really a comprehensive consulting package is most likely 95% of the time what they are looking for. Indeed, advertising such on a consultant’s website, may actually backfire on them. Let me explain.

You see, companies probably already have someone in-charge of marketing, operations, PR, advertising, branding, processes, management, communication, etc., and they are contacting the consulting firm for a niche need of theirs, not the whole thing. If they needed all those services, and were falling down on all those things, they’d probably already be out of business in this recession.

Additionally, those who work in the company will sabotage the hiring of the consultants if they think it might cost them their jobs. If they are the ones participating in the hiring of the firm, they will want to choose a different company if they read on the website that the consulting company is going to come in to do everything. Please think on this.

How to Start Consulting – Discover 4 Amazing and Powerful Steps to Jumpstart Your Consulting Career

Do you want to start a career in consulting? Here’s how you can get started:

1. Choose a field of consulting that match your skills, expertise, and experience. If you are great in running a business and if you have proven track record in this field, you can be a business consultant. If you are great in information technology, you can be an I.T. consultant. It’s important that you target a field that you know very well to easily give your prospects the kind of information and assistance that they need.

2. Increase your knowledge. There are now so many people who are sinking their teeth into the field of consulting because it’s very lucrative. To get ahead of the pack, I recommend that you increase your knowledge on your chosen niche so you’ll become more “hireable.” Read relevant online and offline resources, attend relevant trainings and seminars, and interview other experts on your chosen niche. The more information you obtain, the better.

3. Take advantage of consulting training. You would want to be 100% ready once you work with your first client. This can happen by attending consulting trainings that can give you a solid idea as to what you can expect in your consulting sessions. These trainings will also help you develop or improve certain skills needed to succeed in this field. These include communication, analytical, people, and problem-solving skills.

4. Practice makes perfect. Get an objective third party who can help you while you are practicing. This person can act as your client and can give you a problem that you need to solve. After each session, ask for feedback to easily figure out the things that you need to improve on.

Management Consulting – Understanding the Ins and Outs of a Management Consultant

Management consulting is the practice of helping certain organizations improve their performance through analysis of business problems and creating plans of actions for improvement. Management consulting has grown quickly particularly in the United States. The industry has grown at least 20% in the last couple of years.

Organizations who are hiring management consultants usually look for external help or objective third party who can share their ideas about business plans. As these consultants were exposed with different organizations and problems related to business, they are expected to bring in expertise that can help their clients solve their problems in half the time.

Management consultants may also be called in as a temporary help for a one-time projects. Consultants are expected to provide assistance in development of coaching skills, organizational change management, technology implementation, operational improvement services, and strategy development. These consultants are also expected to bring in their own methodologies when identifying and resolving the problems within the organization.

Consultants have the option to specialize. They may opt to focus their attention on particular industries such as telecommunications, retail, etc. They are encouraged to choose their areas of specialty based on their educational background, preferences, and relevant experiences. These people charge based on the size of the project and the amount of time needed to finish it. Consultants who have been around for years and who were already considered industry leaders can charge up to $25,000 per client. While those people who are just starting out usually charge $1,500 – $10,000. This can indeed be a lucrative field to individuals who got the expertise and skills.

Chiropractic Marketing Consultant Red Flags

In the fast expanding world of chiropractic marketing and consulting, chiropractors looking for a results-driven coach should definitely do their due diligence before jumping the gun. It’s unfortunate, but many get locked into long-term commitments that only benefit the chiropractic marketing consultant. This, in my opinion has to stop! Here are some important things to look for when selecting a practice management coach online or offline in 2009.

First, find a chiropractic marketing consultant whose ego doesn’t need to be stroked constantly. This can be easier said than done, trust me. However, if you look deep enough, you’ll be able to filter through the BS down to who’s the real deal and who’s just inflating social proof. When I was on my quest originally, I found many “gurus” talked a big game, were super pretentious, and consistently released marketing material that only spoke about how great they were. This, in turn, translated into a lack of transparency and more hype for the average chiropractor searching for a legit company.

Next, find a chiropractic marketing consultant that has a track record of working together with other leaders in the profession. Typically, the consultants with the largest egos are usually the most competitive and operate from a scarcity mentality, meaning these guys think they’re too great to collaborate with other marketing groups. This mindset appears to be prevalent in the chiropractic profession unlike many other industries.

For example, if you study internet marketing, you’ll notice that the guys with the big lists at the top of the food chain are always helping each other with joint ventures. This is true even though they have similar products and by many standards are “competing” for the same pool of customers.

Third, go with a chiropractic consulting group that’s looking out for YOUR best interest. Don’t rush into any decision and don’t feel like you have to choose today. It’s OK to take a few days to weeks to do your homework before investing several hundred to several thousand dollars per month. Talk to friends, as word travels fast if a doctor is making killer returns from the guidance of a coaching group.

Ask yourself, “Is the management firm you’re considering pressuring you for a payment or are they legitimately concerned about taking your chiropractic practice to the next level?” A word of advice…. The minute you sense that your best interest is not at the forefront of their game-plan, run!

Last, make sure to go with a chiropractic marketing consultant or group that is technically savvy and that stays abreast of new trends in the world today. Communication is changing rapidly and many are finding their models of doing business and marketing are outdated. It’s funny, I will do specific internet searches and heavy online analytics for some practice management groups and their web presence is usually poor with little branding even being done online. I spoke to a consultant one time that said he could barely turn on a computer and sounded proud of this for some odd reason.

Contrary to what some believe, the internet is not a fad. It’s the most spectacular medium in world to gather information and marketing your chiropractic office. We live in an information and technological based world and those that resist updating will not be around in a few years for sure.

As touched on before, get involved with a group that let their results do the talking more-so than their mouth. Speak with satisfied and unsatisfied clients. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, you will always have unsatisfied clients so it’s important to get their points of view, too.

How Colour Consultants Can Help With a Change of Hair Colour

Colour consultants are experts in looking at your colouring in its entirety; they understand how your natural colouring (hair, eyes and skin tone) works together and they know what will work and what will not. They will be able to advise you on the options that will look great and can explain why some shades need to be avoided.

It is a good idea to book a brief appointment with your colour consultant before you have your hair coloured but also to return to see them for a longer session when the colour has been changed. When you change your hair colour, it can sometimes mean that you will need to alter the shades of clothes you wear and how you wear your make-up. So, for example, if your hair has been high-lighted and fair during the summer but you would like to go back to brunette for winter, some darker shades of clothes and make-up that would have been too heavy for you before might be perfect with your new brunette look.

So what are the main things to keep in mind when having your hair coloured? Firstly, if you are a natural blonde whose hair has gone a bit “mousey”, highlights would be the easiest option to return your hair to its original tone. Your colour consultant will be able to tell you if you have a warm or cool skin tone therefore whether it is better for you to go for a golden blonde look or more of the ashy tones. An all-over platinum blonde look is popular at the moment but consider whether you will find the look too dramatic for your personality.

If you are a red head then hopefully you embrace your rarer colouring and don’t try to fight it. Adding ashy highlights would really work against your warm skin tone, so if you want a lighter look opt for golden, strawberry blonde shades. When you were younger your hair might have been much more vivid but might have become more muted as you’ve matured. If you would like to take it back to it vibrant past, then an all-over copper shade in a semi-permanent or permanent shade may be the answer. Permanent shades are usually more damaging than semi-permanents and remember if you want to make sure that you’re absolutely happy with the colour, a semi-permanent is easier to change.

For the brunettes, your darker colouring is usually perfect for your eyes and skin tone but if you feel your dark hair is a bit flat, why not consider making it livelier with lowlights. These fine strips of muted, bright and dark shades look like filtered light and give flashes of brightness. Again an all-over permanent or semi-permanent shade can give more of a solid and shiny look but ask your colour consultant if you have a warm or cool skin tone to know whether it would be best to go for a warmer shade such as mahogany or a cooler shade such as an aubergine.

Changing your hair colour can be exciting and just the lift you need as winter draws nearer, but do remember to get good advice before you go ahead with a drastic change.

If you have a friend who has already changed their hair colouring and is now wondering what colours she should be wearing in her clothes and make-up, why not treat her to a colour analysis for Christmas?

Industrial Management Consultants – Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Often industrial management consultants are asked what a consultant is and what do they do. This can be tricky if the expert hasn’t actually prepared themselves to answer this specific question. Lets begin with what a consultant is, according to wiki; from the Latin ‘consultare’ means “to discuss” from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise such as management. Now to me that’s a simple and excellent explanation in regards to what a consultant is.

Essentially they are an expert who offers their advice, because they either have significant experience or expertise that lends to their high level of credibility as an expert. Now as to what a consultant does and how they do it that’s where this conversation spreads like the spokes in a wheel. Begin by thinking of their expertise which we will – just for an illustration – is at the center of a wheel.

Now each expert has several methods in which they deliver there expertise, some deliver it online with webinars. Some deliver it through on site visits, and some deliver it through products such as books and training DVD’s. The most successful consultants utilize several of the methods discussed above, but they usually fall back on the network and delivery methods they used while developing that expertise. For example if they were Technicians whom traveled to many parts of the country to troubleshoot machines.

Then they will likely have built quite a contact list which they would use when they decide to jump into the consulting arena they will likely feel more comfortable traveling to and from sites around the country. Therefore they are likely to offer on-site training classes as a result.

As a matter of fact from a business point of view its probably the best route for the to build their practice, there’s very little learning curve by doing what your already good at in a niche you already have significant experience in.

Can Crystal Reports Consulting Services Fulfill Your Business Needs?

If you are considering acquiring Crystal Reports software for your business then there are a few things that you may want to take into account. For one thing, Crystal Reports software is an advanced, full featured software system, so you may require some level of instruction to enable you to get full use of it in your business setting.

Getting the Most Out of Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports consulting serrvices are multi-faceted consulting firms that can help you in several areas of your business reporting. In short, it may be in your best interest to look into finding out if any of the service that they offer are applicable to your particular business and reporting requirements. Take a brief glance at the following and see if any of the listed service options are anything that your business may be lacking, as it pertains to reporting.

*Data services analysis and report writing.

*General consulting

*On site or off site training

*A wide range of related professional services

A common problem for businesses that are implementing Crystal Reports software is that they they are unable to implement it to it’s full potential. Thee reasons for this common dilemma are many but two of the most common are as follows.

(A) They simply don’t posses the knowledge technical skills and experience that is required to conduct the level of data mining that this software product is capable of.

(B) They fail to take into full account the vast amount of feature options that Crystal Reporting software contains.

Consulting Services

The irony is that a knowledgeable consultant can in very short order help them to fully understand the full potential of this software system that they are attempting to implement and make full use of. It’s a convenient and cost effect solution to many of the common problems that many first time users are faced with. In short, as it pertains to report writing one has to learn to walk before they can learn to run. What this means is that a consultant can get you to a point where you can write advanced reports in a much shorter time span.

Training and Technical Assistance

Basically, the more you understand the intricasies of writing reports the better you will be at it and the more comprehensive your reports will also be. If you are lacking in basic technical skills, this shortcoming can be over come but you will require some level of training and technical assistance to get you started. Fortunately, Crystal Reports software is user friendly but at the same time a certain level of training and assistance will drastically shorten your learning curve.

Writing Your Own Reports

If your main goal is achieving the skills and level of understand that is required for writing your own reports but you are having trouble extracting the required data from your tool, there are solutions. The most common solutions to hire a consultant to assist you in developing the level of analytical skills that are necessary for comprehensive data analysis.

Other Professional Services

You simply must have the correct programs in place if your goal is to create and compile data pertaining to your business transactions. While this might appear on the surface to be a simple task, the reality is that a Crystal Reports consultant may be required before you can acquire a full understanding of all that this task entails.

Social Media Consulting and Advertising

For businesses trying to increase their visibility online, social media consulting is a must. Contractors that understand how to utilize social media to its greatest marketing potential can help businesses to make certain that they are getting traffic off of sites other than the search engines. Organic search engine optimization can take a very long time to improve but, with the right tools, proper social media usage can increase traffic very quickly, which offers a significant benefit to businesses and one that can come with fast rewards.

Effective Social Media Consulting

A business that is able to provide effective consulting for their clients will take into account the type of business that they are working with and how that business may best use the power of social networking to their advantage. There are several different social networks, though Facebook is the most widely used and the most popular. A good firm, however, will instruct your business on how to use other social networking services to tremendous advantage. Sometimes, having the edge over other businesses means taking advantage of resources that they neglect to use.

Social media consulting sometimes means teaching your business the etiquette and the most effective ways to use this technology to your advantage. Many businesses simply go ahead and start a page for their business on the social networks and begin using the services without really considering the fact that there are specific ways to use the services that are far more effective than others. In some cases, using these technologies incorrectly can end up actually costing your business favorability in the eyes of the people you advertise to. Making certain that your business is aware of the best ways to use these mediums is important for any company that provides effective consulting.

Following Through

Social media consulting also means explaining to your business the best way to make certain that the efforts that you make, and the budget that you dedicate, toward social media marketing are followed through on and that you have the opportunity to reap consistent rewards from them. Without doing so, you will find yourself in a position where you are investing money into an advertising program but not getting any real benefits out of it. Learning how to use social networks to provide sustained benefits is one of the most important services that consultants can provide.

If you are interested in moving into the world of social media consulting, you should contact a professional and determine how they may help your business. A professional consulting firm can make certain that your business gets the best results out of a social media advertising campaign without being in a position where you are spending a great deal of money on it without getting all of the benefits that are possible from this tremendously powerful and easy to use service. With one of these companies behind you, there is no limit to what you can do.

When to Fire Your SEO Consultant

If your company is seeking an SEO consultant to oversee your corporate presence on the Internet, you need to be aware of a few things… One thing I hate to see is a company paying a so called ‘consultant’ to spout out SEO advice that the business actually takes to heart because they have no other frame of reference…. It drives me nuts, because there are a lot of so called consultants out there that are stuck in the 1990′s still. Here are some tips to follow if you are considering hiring one:

1.) If the SEO consultant is OBSESSED with alt tags, time to find a new one. Alt tags are nothing more than a title that is placed on an image in your web site. The alt tag is mainly for accessibility, not for propelling your web site into the top ten rankings in Google, MSN & Yahoo.

2.) Does your consultant have a web site of their own? Can you find it? If they can’t get themselves found, can they advise you on how to get found?

3.) Does your SEO Consultant keep advising you to stuff more and more keywords into the meta keyword tag? This tag is not crucial to SEO success, in fact, Google pays little if any attention to it. Anyone can stuff a bunch of keywords into a web site. Fire at will.

4.) Does your consultant know how to interpret Google Analytics and make informed decisions as to how to move forward with your web site? Time to post a new want ad.

5.) Does your SEO consultant insist on submitting your web site to 10,000 search engines and directories? Time to part ways. What search engine do you use when you need a product or service?

6.) Does your SEO consultant love to blame others for your lack of presence in the search engines? There are times when terrible web design or programming can interfere with SEO, your SEO consultant should have analyzed the web site prior to making any judgement calls, etc.

7.) If your consultant has never heard of Yahoo site explorer, MSN Live Search tools or Google webmaster tools, time to Google a new search engine marketing expert.

8.) If your SEO consultant can’t compose an intelligible paragraph much less optimize one, it’s time for them to fly. There is a true art to optimizing copy for a web site, if you don’t notice that it’s optimized, it’s optimized by a professional.

9.) If your SEO consultant is more obsessed about keywords and NOT quality content to feed your prospects, tell em’ to take a hike. TRUE optimization is for web site visitors, the search engines should come secondly.

10.) If your consultant doesn’t provide you with reports or proactive insight, send em’ packing. Seek a relationship with a internet marketing firm that’s dedicated to helping you grow.

Spend some time learning the basics about SEO before you hire anyone. I do recommend “The Truth About Search Engine Marketing” it’s a quick read and very grounded.